Monday, 16 July 2012


Thanks for visiting the English Department website for Penglais School. We hope that you find this information useful - if you think there is anything missing, please let us know.

The wider aim of the English Department at Penglais School is to encourage a love of language and literature and specifically to develop each student's potential to use and understand English. We aim to offer all students a secure environment that optimises learning and creativity as well as an awareness of the power of the spoken and written word in the vital skills of communication.

The English Department offers a huge range of opportunities and activities to compliment classroom learning, such as the Reading Club, Creative Writing Club, and interesting challenges and competitions to punctuate the academic year. This area should help to keep you updated with this information. You can also find recommended websites and lists of worthwhile revision materials. We hope to be broadcasting our homework tasks via this page very soon, too!